Although 1970 was the primary official tournament to find out that the”World Champion,” the thought of the game actually came into being 21 years earlier in 1949 once Nicloas”The Greek” Dandalos came to vegas and approached Benny Binnion to establish a no limit poker marathon thus Nick could challenge the very best poker players on earth. Benny Binnion consented and arranged that a publicly viewed game between Nick Dandalos as well as the top poker player at the time, Johnny Moss.

The marathon game lasted five months with short sleep breaks, and so they played with every kind of poker known to person.

2-1 decades later inĀ Benny Binion determined to re stage the match and invite a number of their very best poker players in the world to ascertain that the”World Champion” and the World collection of Poker has been born. Johnny Moss became the very first World Series Of Poker Champion by wining the first championship and also winning the following year. The very first tournament had 7 players, followed by 1 3 the 2nd year. Binion estimated that someday his tournament would grow to 50 players. The 1982 match had 52 players along with the game started growing fast specially after the debut of satellite contests. 5 years later that the championship grew to over 2,000 players and the 2002 tournament attracted over 7,500 players. The 2005 World collection Of Poker is likely to draw over 8000 entrants paying an entry fee of $10,000 each and a huge number longer will decide to try to gain a seat at the World Series Of Poker through satellite tournaments that are online. By having the anticipated prize pool in excess of $80 million, each contestant at the final table will require home at least $1 million in prize money.